The Breeze Difference

We give you our individualized attention.

A Treatment Plan right for you

We are one of the few ABO board-certified orthodontic offices in the Torrance and Los Angeles South Bay area.  But we are far from traditional.  We're constantly improving our treatment options from how we deliver Invisalign to advanced InBrace lingual braces.  Our goal is to deliver the best treatment we can in terms of best final overall results, aesthetics, and treatment time.

We'll also work with you the make the treatments easy breezy and comfortable, every step of the way. Our ABO certified orthodontist understands that a child with growing teeth and jaw bones should not be treated the same way as an adult with grown dental structures.  Our promise to you is that we will always put you first.

Flexible Payment Options

The average treatment can be a year to a year and 1/2 commitment, and it's hard to know how your finances will be a full year later. You have our commitment we will not compromise treating the patient right regardless of finances.

Our treatment coordinator and insurance specialist will work with you and your insurance to find flexible payment options that will work for you while saving you money.

I am so happy with my new teeth.  Dr. Rita gave me a new smile and just in time for engagement photos and my wedding!  [link]

Carol T.


Board Certified Difference

How do you know if your orthodontic professional is qualified?  At Breeze Orthodontics, our orthodontist Dr. Rita Chuang, holds the high distinction as an ABO board certified orthodontist.  The ABO sets a high bar that includes full clinical case reviews from start to finish that all ABO board-certified orthodontists must pass in order to acheive board-certification.  

An orthodontic treatment is a big commitment both financially and in the time spent.  If you are trusting yourself or one you love, isn't it best to put it in one you can trust? 

Digital Smile Design Orthodontics

Our orthodontists and digital lab techs will plan and simulate your treatment on the computer before delivering treatment.  We believe in getting the treatment plan done right from the start.

Badly designed treatment plan may not only cause unwanted delays in treatment, it can also cause health issues.  For example, a misaligned final bite can cause issues with joint pain in the jaw (TMJ), and can lead to severe migraines in adulthood.  Issues like this can be caught up front by planning the treatment virtually and running simulations.

Great personality! She truly cares about her patients... You're in good hands with her. [link]

Cherry Z.