About modern metal braces

Breeze Orthodontics provides you and your family with an exciting way to treat teeth alignment problems quickly and affordably.

What are traditional braces or metal braces?aao_boy_blueshirt_braces.jpg

Traditional braces have metal brackets and are attached to each tooth and linked with each other using a thin archwire to put pressure on the teeth, causing them to move slowly in the desired direction.  Braces are a great choice for growing individuals and difficult cases.

Qualified orthodontists can make adjustments to the treatment plan by either making bends in the archwire or by repositioning the brackets.  Braces can be used in conjunction with TADs (Temporary Anchorage Devices), elastics, and other orthodontic devices to handle more difficult cases.

Metal braces are generally less expensive but they are more pronounced and noticeable.

Modern Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces are specialized type of braces that use sliding mechanism instead of elastics to connect the archwires.  Currently, there are new heat-activated archwires that help to move your teeth more quickly and less painfully using your body heat. Using body heat activated memory wire, self-ligating braces work by applying pressure evenly to the teeth hence pushing the teeth back to a uniform shape. They offer gentle teeth treatment and require fewer dental visits.

Self-ligating braces move the teeth quickly which results in less painful movement because the teeth move on their own without the need for adjustment. The braces are also easy to clean. Examples of self-ligating braces are Damon braces.

Clear braces upgrade

Clear braces offer reduced visbility, thereby enhancing esthetics during treamtent.  It may be a good option for some people with higher esthetic demands who are not candidates of other options.

clear ceramic braces

What are the benefits of self-ligating braces?

Dr. Rita Y. Chuang offers her patients with innovative orthodontic treatment, using self-ligating braces. We offer personalized Torrance braces treatment by listening to your needs so that we can help you achieve your desired results.

Self-ligating braces straighten teeth by allowing the archwire to move smoothly through the brackets to create a comfortable and effective tooth movement.

The advantages of self-ligating braces include the following:

  • They offer superior archwire design and appearance
  • They offer efficient and comfortable way to move teeth to the desired direction
  • Requires fewer dental appointments to apply or make adjustments
  • Requires no ties or conspicuous brackets hence cosmetically pleasing

Torrance braces by Dr. Rita Y. Chuang

Using this modern technology, Dr. Rita Y. Chuang will examine and assess your dental problems so as to develop a personalized treatment plan that ensures you accomplish a perfect smile.  

Dr. Rita Y. Chuang is an ABO certified orthodontist which means she’s committed to the highest level of patient care and comprehensive orthodontics treatment approach to ensure best results. She has learned and perfected her orthodontic treatment to enable her to perform high quality Torrance orthodontic care to you and your family. As a certified member with ABO, Dr. Rita Y. Chuang has demonstrated her continuous commitment to excellence.

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