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Replacement Retainers

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Clear Essex Retainers

These clear retainers resemble clear aligners, however are made with a slightly harder and thicker material for increased durability.  These retainers are great for adults who are looking for affordable replacement retainers.  They're cheaper than the adjustable retainer and are less visible than the adjustable wire type retainers.


  • Holds teeth position better
  • More affordable
  • Clear and less visible while wearing


  • Wears out quicker.
  • Not adjustable - not good for growing individuals.
  • Can be damaged easily

At our Torrance braces and Invisalign specialty office, we can get these made right away with a quick turn around time.

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Adjustable Wire Retainers

Adjustable wire retainers have are made of stainless steel wire and acryllic.  These retainers are great for younger patients who are still growing into their new smile.  An orthodontist can make adjustments to the retainer to ensure optimal retention.  Optionally, these retainers can be customizable with different colors or patterns.


  • Adjustable - good for growing individuals
  • Lasts longer
  • Can be customized with fun colors and patterns.


  • Visible wire
  • Not adjustable - not good for growing individuals.

If you purchase an adjustable wire retainer with us, we'll include 1 year of free retainer checks and adjustments.