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3 ways to improve your smile face.

    We all can use a little improvement to our smile face.  Here are 3 easy ways you can improve your smile.  From simple face exercises, to simple daily care, follow these tips and your friends will noticewhat a great smiler you are.

    1. Exercises to reduce wrinkles and build definition on your face.
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    You can reduce the wrinkles and lines around you face by toning the muscles in your cheeks, forhead, and mouth.  NYT best selling author Dr. Mercola recommends facial yoga as a way to reduce the lines around your face to make for a more youthful smile.

    Here are some exercises you can do 2x a day.

    • Using 3 fingers to press down on each cheek, smile as hard as you can.  This will provide a good amount of resistance and help you build your cheek muscles.  These mucles will not only help pull the corner of your smile a bit higher, it'll also fill in and lift up your cheeks making for a more cheerful smile.
    • Open your eyes as wide as you can, and raise your eyebrows as high as you can, and hold them for 5-10 seconds.  This will help build some muscle tone under around the eyes to reduce crows feet and enhance your eye expression during your smile.
    • Pucker up and stick your tongue out as far as possible.  Hold it there for a few seconds, then retract into a wide smile and hold that for a few seconds.  Repeat alternating between these two positions to build some definition around your upper lips and chin.  This will help you smile with fuller lips.

    Use moisturizing lotion prior to doing these facial exercises.  This will help keep your skin soft and elastic and prevent overstretching your skin.


    2. Practice the "natural" smile.

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    No one was taught how to smile, but yet there are people you think smile more naturally than others.  By practicing your smile, you can build muscle memory that'll make your smile look more natural.  Lifehacker has some interesting tips on how to project a more natural smile.  Try practicing these several times in the mirror until they become natural to you.

    • Don't say "cheese", say "toga" instead.  "Cheese" tends to stretch your mouth into an artificial grin.  Words ending with a "uh" sound will naturally raises the corners of your mouth without pulling it straight back.
    • When smiling, put the tip of your tongue softly against the back of your top teeth.  This helps relax the lower part of your mouth making for a more relaxed smile.
    • Laugh to yourself.  Laughter tends to get the best smiles.  It helps you relax, get into a lighter mood, and subconciously get your eye and facial muscles to coordinate into harmonously into a natural smile.

    3. Maintain proper oral hygiene


    Maintaining good oral hygeine will improve your smile in not only having whiter teeth and better oral health, it also helps your confidence.  You can't expect to smile if you have a toothache, right?  And you might not one to open your mouth at all to show your nice orthodontic work if you have cavaties.  

    • Spend at least 2 minutes twice a day brushing and floss once a day.  Divide your teeth up into 4 quadrants and spend 30 seconds in each quadrant.  For each quadrant, pay close attention on getting behind the molars and hard to reach areas.  You may use a whitening toothpaste.  If your teeth are sensitive, you may want to just use the whitening toothpaste once a day, and switch to a non-whitening toothpaste  for the 2nd time you bush.
    • Consider using disclosure tablets once in a while to get feedback on how well you are brushing your teeth.  Disclosure tablets will release color that sticks to plaque helping you identify spots you are missing during your everyday brushing.  Plaque build up is the leading cause of tooth decay.  Plaque attracts bacteria that produces acids that eat away at your tooth's enamel.  Reducing plaque is the number 1 way of keeping your smiles nice and healthy.
    • Instead of drinking soda or bottled water, consider drinking filtered tap water.  Carbon filters such as Brita, remove harmful substances while not removing flouride from the water.  Tap water has the added flouride which helps strengthen your teeth's resistance to decay.  An occasional swishing the water around in your mouse, will help rinse out your mouth, and add a protective layer of flouride that helps fight tooth decay and keep your teeth nice and white.

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    Posted on Aug 21, 2017 12:00:00 AM by David Lai in Smile Tips

    David Lai

    Written by David Lai