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Aesthetic options | Invisalign, InBrace, Clear Brackets

    Tom Cruise with clear brackets

    At Breeze Orthodontics, the Torrance Invisalign and aesthetic options experts we are always finding new ways to help teens and young adults who live active lifestyles. Some of us here at Breeze Orthodontics have grown up wearing metal braces, along with being called "metal mouth" and all sort's of harsh names growing up. We like to take a moment to highlight some of our Aesthetic options to help our teens and socially active patients.



    This is our most popular Aesthetic option for teens and adults. This system uses a series of clear polymer aligners that gently nudges the teeth into their final position by a series of aligners that are changed every 7-14 days. Each aligner is designed to move the teeth a small fraction of a millimeter closer to their final position. The technology has been around for 20 years and has advanced greatly in the last 3 years allowing us to treat even difficult teen cases. Key benefits is that it is clear and removable. During normal wear, the aligners are very hard to see until you are about an arm's length and view it up close with bright lighting. The aligners can be removed when eating or drinking, however it is recommended that the aligners are worn 22 and 1/2 hours a day. This makes this options annoying for those who like to snack and drink colored drinks. For cases that have intruding/extruding (up/down movements) and rotation, Invisalign requires the addition of bumps. While it may not be as visible, the bumps and ridges on the other hand are somewhat noticeable from 10 feet away.

    Invisalign bumps

    Lingual Braces / InBrace

    Lingual Braces

    Another great option is Lingual braces. Lingual braces are braces that are neatly hidden behind the teeth. The core advantages of lingual braces is the ability to eat and drink without removing aligners, and not needing to change aligners every week. Lingual braces unlike Invisalign, do not need to be removed for eating or drinking, or brushing your teeth. Because the braces are permanently fixed, the patient does not need to worry about losing and damaging their aligners when taking them off, or switching them on schedule. However, lingual braces like braces you still need to be careful of eating hard foods in order to avoid breaking your brackets.

    InBrace vs. Traditional Lingual Braces

    In the past, lingual braces were notorious for causing tongue irritation and were harder for the orthodontist to work with, however we at Breeze Orthodontics offer a new advancement of lingual braces called InBrace. InBrace features a super low profile bracket along with memory wire. This makes InBrace more comfortable than other lingual bracket options in the past, and the memory wire allows the patient to need fewer appointments to their orthodontist without worry of poking wires that could occur when tooth movement is faster than expected. With advances with 3D designed bonding guides, the issue of accurately placing brackets behind the teeth by hand is eliminated.

    Clear bracket upgrades

    Metal vs. Clear Ceramic Brackets

    For the early teens and preteens, traditional braces are still the best option for those who have teeth still growing. One of the best benefits of traditional braces is that the brackets can be repositioned during treatment as teeth grows out. This is great for dealing with unpredictable up and down movements of teeth due to growth. At Breeze Orthodontics, we offer clear ceramic brackets as an options to reduce the visibility of brackets. This makes it so only the wire is visible from afar. The brackets, like Invisalign are still visible from an arm's length.

     Dakota Fanning wearning clear brackets

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