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Dr. Andrews 6 keys of occlusion series




    Here at our Torrance office, about 90% of our adult Invisalign cases are relapses from previous orthodontic treatment. Many of them were within the first 5 years after getting their braces off. Some can be explained by patients not wearing retainers, however, a large majority had original treatment plans that were doomed to fail from the beginning due to improper occlusion at the end of treatment.

    In 1972 Dr. Lawrence F. Andrews did an extensive study of years of orthodontic study models taken at the end of treatment, and compared them to their progress years later. Dr. Andrews came up with 6 key characteristics that all lasting results had in common. He noticed that any failure in one of the 6 keys, often lead to relapses in treatment.

    Even though Dr. Andrews 6 keys are deeply rooted in orthodontic literature, rarely do orthodontists measure every single teeth from every single single to really apply the 6 keys discovered by Dr. Andrews. At Breeze Orthodontics, we're using digital smile design to revolutionize treatment planning. Measurements that took hours can now be done automatically from a digital 3D intra-oral scan. Using modern CAD/CAM tools, we are able to validate our target result against Dr Andrew's 6 keys before starting treatment.

    We'll be sharing a new article every few weeks on the 6 keys of good occlusion, and how using digital smile design revolutionizes the process.

    • Molar relationships
    • Crown angle
    • Crown inclination
    • Tooth rotations
    • Spacing
    • Flatness Occlusal Planes

    Stay tuned.

    Posted on Jan 29, 2018 8:00:00 AM by Breeze Orthodontics in 3D Orthodontics

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