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How can I finish my Invisalign treatment faster?


    Our team at the Torrance orthodontist office often get asked how one can finish their treatment faster.  It’s important to understand that the length of time you will need for your orthodontic treamtent will depend on the complexity of your case as well as the amount of time you wear your aligners.

    Invisalign generally takes about one to two years for teenagers and adults. Our very own ABO board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Rita Chuang, has some great pointers on how to improve your treatment times.

    Once you find out how long your personalized Invisalign treatment will take, know that there are factors that can ether lengthen or shorten your treatment. There will be a prescribed number of hours you should wear your Invisalign, usually at least twenty-two hours a day. If you do not adhere to that or refuse to wear them at school or work, your Invisalign treatment may take longer. If you have a particularly complex tooth alignment or multiple teeth that need to be moved a significant distance, a longer treatment time may be expected as well.

    It may be tempting to skip to the next tray as soon as possible.  But skipping ahead before the tray fully seats comfortably with no resistance can be detrimental to your treatment.  Each aligner are designed assuming that your teeth are in the correct position of the aligner before it in order for them to work.  Skipping ahead can also be dangerous as you are putting more pressure on your teeth than prescribed by your dentist.  This can be damaging to your teeth's roots by moving too fast in an unsafe way.  However, if your aligners seat comfortably with no pressure, give a few days.  If you still feel no pressure, you can move to the next tray.  If you have a hard time fitting into your next tray, go immediately back to your current tray and allow treatment to fully complete in your current tray.

    Here are some tips to help maximize your Invisalign treatment.

    • Make sure your trays are seated all the way in.  Use your chewies, or bite on something soft and firm to seat your aligners all the way in.
    • Try to wear your aligners as much as possible, recommended 22 hours a day.
    • Make sure to clean your aligners, brush and floss regularly.  Plaque buildup causes more fiction between teeth and will slow down tooth movement. Gum inflammation from poor oral hygiene can result in the aligners not seating correctly.

    There are some options that can help accelerate treatment.


    Acceledent is a device that sends micro pulses through the teeth and jaw to make the teeth and roots more susceptible to movement.  Basically sending light vibrations that help your teeth move a bit faster through the bone.  It works to varying degrees for different people, but studies.  Our personal experience with Acceledent patients are there are a slight benefit, the 75% faster is exaggerated, but we seen improved results overall similar to those of using a chewie to correctly seat aligners.

    (Edit 2018: Newer clinical studies have shown previous claims have been over exaggerated.  We currently do recommend against using Acceledent.  Our main reason is it encourages people to skip the extra day prescribed into the regular Invisalign treatment plan each aligner cycle that's meant to allow the roots and bone time to fully heal.)


    Propel is something a skilled orthodontist can use to make small perforations in the bone to accelerate treatment.  This weakens the bone slightly to allow the teeth to move a bit faster while doing less damage to the teeth's roots.  Because of the risk factor of perforating the bone, we recommend this procedure be done by a qualified orthodontist with extensive training in the technique.

    Biolux Orthopulse

    Orthopulse is rather new to the market, but has some promising early studies so far.  The main idea behind OrthoPulse is it emits near infrared light that penetrates the gums and stimulates the mitocondria around the bones and roots to accelerate healing and rebuilding.  This allows the orthodontist to be more aggressive in their treatment planning using shorter alignment cycles.

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