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Invisalign Horror Stories - Mysterious New Gaps

    As one of the leading board-certified orthodontists in Torrance, Breeze Orthodontics sees a number of interesting transfer cases. Most are from people who just moved to a new area, and just need an orthodontist to continue the good work of their original orthodontist in another state. But there are a few cases where the treatment plan were very questionable.


    This particular case was for woman in her mid 50's who wanted to get her teeth straight and found an Invisalign deal that was too good to be true. During her year of Invisalign treatment, she was noticing the space between her teeth was getting larger and larger as treatment went on. Having had enough, she came to us for a 2nd opinion.

    First thing we noticed during her 2nd opinion consult was there was some distalizing to move the top molar back.  This patient that did not have any significant overjet (front teeth too far forward), so amount of space was not an issue.  Because rear molars have large roots, they are more difficult to move backwards, and tend to put more stress on the teeth in front of it in order to do so.  We font this was an odd approach for someone who didn't have upper crowding or narrow arch to begin with.



    A few weeks later we finally received the Invisalign case transfer, and reviewed the original Invisalign treatment plan, and we were shocked!  Without the patient's knowledge, the budget dental office was purposely creating an extra 8.1mm of space there to put an more expensive implant.  Besides costing more over the long run, it puts occlusion position of the top molar with too few points of contact with the bottom molars.  This would of cause teeth grinding and possibly TMJ problems from the grinding.


    The good news is we were able to correct her treatment plan.  And she is now on her way to getting her gaps fixed and her bite back into alignment without the extra implant.

    How can you prevent this?

    • Before starting your treatment, review the goals with your dental professional.
    • Ask to see your Invisalign simulation.  Take screenshots of pictures of the monthly milestones.
    • Check on the progress against the pictures of your simulation, see if your teeth are moving according to the simulation.

    If you're interested in getting a 2nd opinion, you can schedule a complimentary consult with us.

    Posted on Jan 22, 2018 8:00:00 AM by Breeze Orthodontics in Invisalign Horror Stories

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