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The Weekly Breeze

The Weekly Breeze

    3D Scanning vs. Conventional Impressions for Invisalign

    Posted on Oct 14, 2017 11:56:16 PM by Breeze Orthodontics in Invisalign, in 3D Orthodontics

    We here at Breeze Orthodontics (formerly Eckhart Orthodontics), Torrance's leading Invisalign experts, have been using 3D scanners to take digital impressions for our Invisalign cases since Itero release their first scanner back in 2007. Back then, scanners were very slow compared to conventional impressions, but Dr. Eckhart still saw the advantages of 3D scanning. 10 years later, we're upgrading our 3D scanning and 3D orthodontics capabilities, we like to take a look back on why we choose 3D scanning over conventional impressions.

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    When an Orthodontist for Invisalign makes sense

    Posted on Oct 13, 2017 8:00:00 AM by Breeze Orthodontics in Invisalign

    With many dental professionals such as general dentists, non-board certified orthodontists, and board-certified orthodontists, the choices can get confusing. As the Torrance Invisalign specialist, we often get asked why choose our board-certified orthodontist over our competitors, and what one should look for in their orthodontist when getting Invisalign in Torrance.

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    Mouthguards by your torrance orthodontist

    Posted on Oct 10, 2017 8:00:00 AM by Breeze Orthodontics in Mouthguard

    Back to school season also means our local Torrance highschool athletes will start their fall training for the next high school football season.  Athletes wear all kinds of protective gear such as helmets and knee pads, but did you know injuries to the face in nearly every sport can harm your teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue?  The problem is magnified as the brackets on your braces could tear at your cheeks during even a moderate hit.  Fortunately your torrance orthodontist can help.

    Contact sports such as football, boxing, hockey and other non-contact sports such as gymnastics have the potential to seriously harm the head, face or mouth as a result of head-to-head contact, hazardous falls, tooth clenching or blows to the mouth.  With braces, you also have to worry about additional tearing of the insides of the cheak due to the wires and brackets.  Not to mention the possibility of brackets breaking free during a hit.

    Sports for which you may need a mouthguard include: acrobatics, basketball, bicycling, boxing, dance, equestrian events, field hockey, football, gymnastics, ice hockey, ice skating, inline skating, lacrosse, martial arts, racquetball, rugby, skateboarding, skiing, skydiving, soccer, softball, squash, surfing, volleyball, water polo, weightlifting and wrestling.

    Mouthguards are often altered and cut by athletes in an attempt to make them more comfortable to wear, resulting in an even further reduction in their effectiveness, and increasing the chance of injury and in some cases, the chance of a concussion.  Your orthodontist can take an impression of your athlete's teeth and create a custom mouthguard that not only optimally protect, but is custom tailored to work around your athlete's braces.

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    3 Invisalign Hacks for on-the-go

    Posted on Oct 9, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Breeze Orthodontics in Invisalign, in Invisalign Hacks

    As one of the biggest providers of Invisalign in Torrance, our Breeze Orthodontic office sees hundreds of very busy people every month. We would like to share 3 little hacks that are our happy Invisalign patients have found useful.

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    Invisalign Cleaning tips

    Posted on Oct 6, 2017 8:00:00 AM by Breeze Orthodontics in Invisalign

    As a top premier provider of Invislaign in Torrance, we want to make sure our patients have the best Invisalign experience they can.  The aligners need regular cleaning to prevent them from getting smelling and crusty.  We have some tips that can help you keep your aligners staying fresh and clean.

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    October Pumpkin Contest - Come Win $100 Cash Card!

    Posted on Oct 5, 2017 9:33:51 PM by Breeze Orthodontics in Contests, in Halloween

    The Torrance orthodontist office is running an October Pumpkin contest.

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    What are Invisalign bumps, ridges, and buttons?

    Posted on Oct 1, 2017 8:00:00 AM by Breeze Orthodontics in Invisalign

    Our office has been doing Invisalign in Torrance for several years, and seen advances that allows Invisalign to treat more difficult cases that weren't possible 5 years ago. However, some Invisalign patients are caught off guard when an extra bump or button is put on to help with treatment, which isn't shown in the Invisalign marketing materials. These attachments are necessary for more difficult cases, and here's a quick dive into their purpose.

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    I had Invisalign in the past, but I need a small fix.

    Posted on Sep 29, 2017 8:01:00 AM by Breeze Orthodontics in Invisalign

    Our past patients of Invisalign near Torrance and Redondo Beach often ask if they can get a small fix, and if so, what are their options.

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    What can I do about broken Invisalign™ trays?

    Posted on Sep 27, 2017 8:00:00 AM by Breeze Orthodontics in Invisalign

    Invisalign is a great way to get your best smile. As a top provider of Invisalign near Torrance, our patients sometimes ask us what they can do about broken or cracked aligners.  Dr. Rita likes to advise our patients that you should always clean off the last set of aligners and keep them somewhere safe when you move on to your next set.  These can be used to maintain your progress if you break or lose your current set.  That said, we have answers to your broken Invisalign questions.

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    How to deal with orthodontic emergencies

    Posted on Sep 9, 2017 6:10:10 AM by Breeze Orthodontics

    Torrance, CA - There are few true orthodontic emergencies that cannot wait.  2 major orthodontic emergencies that cannot wait are:

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