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Straight Teeth vs. Correct Bite

    One of the main questions we are asked at our Torrance Braces and Invisalign specialty practice is, "Why choose a skilled ABO Board-Certified orthodontist like our very own Dr. Rita, vs. some of the online impression kits, such as Smile Direct club? One strong compelling reason is only a skilled orthodontist will have the in depth knowledge of bite correction.

    straight teeth but misaligned bite

    How is a correct bite different than straight teeth?

    Straightening teeth is far simpler than correcting an incorrect bite.  Often times simply straigtening the teeth will leed to incorrect bite.  The main reason teeth are not straight is because of natural forces exerted on the teeth by the opposing jaw caused the teeth to become unaligned to begin with.  By simply straigtening the teeth without correcting the bite will often cause the underlying issue that cause the malocclusion to appear.

    occlusalgram spots uneven pressure

    For example, during crowding of the lower teeth, often times simply straitening teeth will push teeth out which causes it to collide with the top front teeth at different points unevenly. Then over time, the pressure of the lower teeth will push the top front teeth out of the jaw bone that supports the teeth causing tooth loss years later. In the image below, notice how the canines are offset slightly from each other with the top slightly overhanging the bottom and slightly offset to the side? Often times simply straightening the teeth during crowding will cause improper functional alignment in these teeth. This will often cause pain and the teeth next to it to shift due to the additional pressure.

    proper canine alignment


    Why is correct bite important?

    Incorrect bite leads the following long term problems. Usually these problems are not as obvious as children with growing bone, but as their skeletal structure matures and hardens, the pressure of uneven bite will often lead to joint pain and migraine headaches. Some of the problems related to improper bite include:

    • Jaw popping and jaw pain caused by extra stress to the TMJ
    • Grinding your teeth as a result of improper tooth alignment
    • Accelerated relapse from the uneven pressures moving your teeth back out of alignment
    • Cronic jaw fatigue as the resting bite position is opened larger than normal.

    Why is an orthodontist the best person for correcting bite?

    In order to diagnose improper bite in both the initial and final result, an orthodontic professional needs to be able to see the bite alignment in person as they open and bite down multiple times, and study x-rays to see how their current bite has affected their teeth below the gum line. These are not observable by a lab technician that only sees a mailed in impression.

    ABO pyramid

    Orthodontists spend 2-3 years on average additional years studying cranial-facial dynamics above their basic dental education. This education is crucial to understanding how teeth movement affects the physiology of the entire face.  An ABO Board-Certified Orthodontist is an orthodontist who have passed the highest testing standards and clinical case reviews set by our industry.  Consider seeing a board-certified orthodontist before committing to any orthodontic treatment plans.

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