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Why Bolton Analysis matters

    Here at Breeze Orthodontics, Torrance's favorite board certified orthodontists, we pride ourselves in providing the best outcomes possible for our patients. To do this, we take the time study each case and plan them well. At our office, we avoid extractions as much as possible without compromising treatment. One of the tools we use to do this is the Bolton Analysis.  Bolton analysis gives orthodontists an objective way of evaluating a possible extraction cases.

    Bolton Analysis takes the ratio of the bottom teeth to top teeth, and tells us if they are within an acceptable range to each other. Using Bolton Analysis, we can see if the amount of discrepancy is with in normal limits, needing moderate correction that can be done via IPR (reshaping the teeth), or requiring extractions. The normal ratio of lower to upper teeth measurements are 91.3% for 6-6's and 77.2% for 3-3's. If we're looking at less than 3 mm of discrepancy, we know we can do some teeth reshaping to make some room. However, higher discrepancies might require extraction, as shaving off too much material on any particular tooth will increase patient's tooth's sensitivity.


    William Le-Analysis Image-323851-edited

    With the use of high accuracy digital 3D tools, we're able to perform a lot of these analysis much faster than before. In the past, a orthodontist would need to take an impression, pour up a study model, then take a caliper and measure each tooth one by one, then calculate the Bolton ratio. Using our high resolution 3D intraoral scanners, or our 3D Digital X-rays, we are able to make these measurements with a few simple mouse clicks, saving hours of manual labor.


    Posted on Jun 8, 2018 1:11:25 PM by Breeze Orthodontics in 3D Orthodontics, in Digital Analysis

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